The Start of 52 Weeks of Pinterest

The people who created Pinterest probably had really good intentions. I’m sure, innovative and streamlined as the site is, they envisioned a place where amazing graphic designers, artists, photographers, and talents from all over the world would come and share their works and inspirations. And some of that still exists, if you scroll past all the pictures of impossible-looking food and Ryan Gosling.

Not that he's not nice to look at or anything...

I approached Pinterest as a bookmark service I can access from any computer. I was always emailing myself links to this or that to look at later. Did I ever look at it later? Not typically. But with Pinterest, there it is, that t-shirt I would totally wear every single effing day, or those photos of that amazingly hot and hilarious chick who entered American Apparel’s controversial plus-size model contest, or that really terrible for me but oh so tasty recipe for chocolate chip cookie dough dip. A photo, a visualization I can turn to instead of a shitton of links scattered in emails or bookmarked on multiple computers. The Internet, you’ve done it again!

You don't need to pin all the things, really

Upon surveying my Pinboards, I realized that I have a healthy amount of tutorials, all pinned with good Pintentions, but a disproportionate amount of Pinventures I’ve actually accomplished. I also noted, as have many, that Pinterest has become a mecca for the hypothetical: hypothetical crafters, hypothetical wedding planners, hypothetical workout gurus, hypothetical parents, hypothetical chefs, and people who just like to broadcast the things they love, all breathing a sigh of “one day…” as they repin yet another tutorial.

And that isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you actually get around to doing the things you say you’d love to try.

So, I’m embarking on a journey this year: pick one tutorial, recipe, or craft, try it out, and document it. Why not? At least once a week I will post the results of my Pinventures – good AND not so good – and together, we will tackle at least 52 of the 2,541 pins on my 38 boards in 2012. Damn.

I did my first last night. Results to follow.

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