Week 1 – The One with Cinnamon Buns that Turn Into Curls Overnight

And so it begins!

For my first project, I decided to try this one.

I actually decided this on a whim, having planned to start with another more tangible one, but when I got out of the shower after my first really solid, more-than-15-minute elliptical run in two years (45 minutes and 3 miles thankyouverymuch), I started combing my wet hair and… felt Pinspired.

Week 1:

No heat big curls by loveMaegan

This concept is nothing new. Women have been sleeping in braids and pincurls to give their hair a wave since the early 20th century, and probably even longer. Fans of Boardwalk Empire will recall seeing Nucky’s main squeeze Margaret setting her hair in braids overnight. Granted, she has the help of HBO Hair and Makeup to get that all-over curl, but the task is easy to replicate. And you can sleep on it! Let’s do this.

With loveMaegan’s tutorial in mind, I got going, wide-tooth comb in hand, piecing off chunks of freshly-washed tresses and twisting those bad boys into the cutest highlighted hairy cinnamon buns EVAH. I decided to set it wet and product-free since in past set-it-and-forget-it-til-tomorrow Pinventures, wet and no product has worked much better for my hair.

While I’m thinking about it, a word a bout my hair: it is the very definition of thin and fine. Baby fine. Typically won’t hold curl or volume for anything, thanks both to its make up and to the atmosphere in my humid homeland, Houston. Thin, fine, flat-as-a-board hair. So naturally I’m drawn to hair tutorials that make me think I could someday have amazingcakes hair.

At the end of it I had ten or so hairy cinnamon buns bobby-pinned to my skull. I ended up sticking my bangs into a rockerbilly bouffant thingy just to get them the hell out of the way.

Another note: I am not a photographer nor do I ever want to attempt to be. I’m pretty terrible at it. See Exhibit A.

Thanks Instagram for making this look less shitty

Sleeping, sleeping, sleeping… my hair setting and drying, kind of like reverse crock pot cooking… When I woke up I gave it a light shot of styling hairspray all over about 20 minutes before I took it out of the pins.

And, the result:



Right. So, totally not this:

loveMaegan's looks better

Where did I go wrong? A few places probably. First, my buns were much tighter than those of loveMaegan, and they had to be due to my aforementioned Serious Lack of Hair. The tightness probably resulted in the curls being much kinkier than they should have been, which in turn made my hair go frizzypalooza when I brushed them out. Bad.

Second, like a dumbass, I brushed them out after undoing them with my hands, hoping to hide the weird kink and spin it into some semblance of a wave. You can see how well that turned out.

Lastly, my hair still was not totally dry when I began to take it down. I hit it with the blowdryer on its coolest setting, and I think that only helped with the frizz.

But I made the best of it, reinserting the same bobby pins that had been so helpful the night before into this messy pony conglomeration.

Wavy pony 1

Craning my neck at work, attempting to capture the full effect

It ended up being a really cool kind of cascade down my head. I was able to hide the really wonky pieces in the pony and just make it look like my hair gained 10 lbs. Of course, the style totally fell into disarray by the end of the day.

wavy pony 2

By 9:00 p.m. the bobby pins were exhausted

wavy pony 3

My brain was also exhausted - MySpace angle!

But lo! Good news! This morning after a spray of water, WAVES! And they held up all day too!

Much success!

A day late, but much success

Wavy 4

Plenty of wave at 6:00 p.m.

wavy 5

From the back... gratuitous baby photobomb!

Moral of the Tutorial – good things come to those who wait, and leave their blowdryer safely in the cabinet. Very simple technique, it just takes more practice.

This concludes my first installment of 52 Weeks of Pinterest. I have a lot more planned, but 52 is a lot. Have you seen something on my boards or yours that you’d like to see me attempt? Leave it in the comments!

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One Response to Week 1 – The One with Cinnamon Buns that Turn Into Curls Overnight

  1. Rebecca says:

    I need to try this! I want overnight cute wavy hair! M looked like she loved her mamas new do!

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