Pinventure Bonus! The One with the Spaghetti Necklace

Though my attempted / not attempted ratio of my Pinterest Tutorial Hoard is pretty skewed in the not attempted direction, there are a few Pinventures I had in 2011 – and rocked at. This bloggo needs some beefing up so, as I get time, I’ll be uploading a few past Pinventures that were Much Success.

Pinventure Bonus #1:

Necklace scarf

cotton t-shirt necklace scarf... the full pin caption contains the entire tutorial and is way too long to post here!

Look! It’s a scarf! It’s a necklace! It’s versatile! And it’s made out of a t-shirt!

Who doesn’t have about a dozen old shirts hanging around their drawers from college, high school, summer retreats, ongoing thrift store obsessions… The idea here is to take one of these huggable, snuggable cotton t-shirts that you love so much, shred that mutha to bits, and wrap it around your neck to make a huggable, snuggable cotton scarf/necklace/muffler deal. Me gusta!

Completion of this project took place on my living room floor, after the babe was in bed and while the husband was planted on the couch. My Fabric Only scissors and I ripped through several of my old shirts, leaving a confetti of ripped-apart knits all over the carpet and dredging up memories of the days when I was That Girl With All The T-shirts. I had a very brief but very intense relationship with little boy t-shirts from thrift stores, and since I’m neither 19 nor a B-cup anymore, well, it was time to let go.

After I had mauled 6 shirts and made several colors of loops, I did just like the pin says: stretch and experiment.



much success, plus knots!

Best part? Versatility. Knots, wraps, brooches, other jewelry… the scarf/necklace creations are unending.

many results

the fun never ends!

Other best part? A few weeks later I saw this bad boy on a Boticca email. $51 for what, in essence, looks like something I made on my living room floor. I WIN!

Moral of the Tutorial – Please let go of those shirts – they do nothing to flatter your boobs, and they’ll look much cuter around your neck.

Have an idea from my pins or yours for the 52 Weeks of Pinterest mission? Leave it in the comments!

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