Week 2 – The One with SOPA!!!

This winter has sucked.

Granted, I had a beautiful holiday season – lots of time off work, a great couple of days with family, constant and hilarious antics from my daughter – but as weather goes, the cool crisp and the super-chilly damp usually so indicative of winter in the armpit of Texas has been unhappily absent. My husband was in shorts and flip flops and I was “glistening” while standing outside popping fireworks on New Year’s Eve. Not unexpected, it’s Houston after all, but nevertheless… unacceptable!

Because I want to make some damn soup.

Week 2:

loaded potato soup by Live A Little Wilder

Sopa is Spanish for soup, did you know that? SOPA, on the other hand, is an invasive anti-piracy bill backed by U.S. corporations that could very well give them the power to censor the Interwebs just because they don’t like what someone is saying about them. Your blog chronicling your awful customer service experiences? Dead. Your Etsy site with tribute art to Disney characters? Out of business. That candid YouTube recording of your sister singing Gaga in the shower? Poof! Gone!

SOPA and its cousin PIPA make me very afraid. You should probably write your congresshuman and tell them to tell SOPA and PIPA to GTFO of the House and Senate already.

But sopa? That makes me immeasurably happy. No amount of ice cream or cheesecake or caramel-dipped confectionery gives me the same completely whole pleasure as a full mug of good, thick soup, and so long as it’s overcast and damp out, I will happily spoon it into my pie hole at every meal for days and days.

Plus it doesn’t hurt that one pot of soup usually lasts our family a good eight or nine lunches or dinners, that is if I split it up and freeze half for later. Given the relative ease of this soup, and that fact that my pantry had a massive surplus of potatoes, I figured I’d give this a go for Week 2.

As I often do before I attempt a new online recipe, I read the comments on Live A Little Wilder‘s original post. Aside from one laughable response (“Crook [sic] pot cooking is for hillbilly’s.” Really? That should be hillbillies, you uncultured hack) I found a lot of useful recipe modifications from others who had tried and had Much Success with their soups. And so the recipe, with my modifications:

2/3 cup of butter
2/3 cup of flour
7 5 cups of milk
4 -5 large baking potatoes (4 super large, boiled and chopped with skin on)
4 green onions, sliced thinly (from my garden!)
12 ounces of bacon (pre-cooked and crumbled)
1 1/2 cups of shredded cheddar cheese
1 cup of sour cream
3/4 tsp of salt
1/2 tsp 1 Tbsp pepper
1 tsp 2 Tbsp garlic powder


SOPA... er, sopa! Soup!

Held together by vintage Pyrex, thankyouverymuch

It’s pretty, it’s lumpy, it’s cheesy, and it is sofaking delicious!! I served it for lunch while watching the Houston Texans battle it out for their first post-season loss ever, and it got rave reviews from my parents, and most of all my husband. The Guy I Married is a starch connoisseur. A spud fiend. A true steak-and-potatoes kind of dude, with emphasis on the potatoes. He likes his french fries with a side of tater tots. His favorite soup to order any time we go out? Loaded potato.

Needless to say he was way beyond pleased.

There will be no splitting up of this creation. There will be no saving it for a few weeks from now, safely tucked away in the freezer, hidden under the bags of frozen veg. My husband has tasted his own culinary version of utopia and he wants it in his bell-ay forever and ever. In fact, as of today I don’t think there’s any left in the fridge whatsoever. This batch didn’t stand a chance against him, and it will become part of the regular dinner rotation.

Squirrel even got in on the cheesy starchy goodness, and she liked it so much she demanded two bowls.

soup results 1

Avoiding the camera while self-feeding... diva


The official messy-mouth of approval

Moral of the Tutorial – Before you start, seek out the culinary wisdom of your fellow Pinsters. After you’ve finished, pack away half the soup before your husband realizes you’ve made it.

Next week (technically this week) I’m finally getting crafty with something that you cannot consume or wash out of your head, yaycakes! Do you have an idea for a Pinterest tutorial you think I should try? Leave it in the comments!

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7 Responses to Week 2 – The One with SOPA!!!

  1. kelly says:

    Now to just have someone come to my house to make the soup. Can you recommend a good way to get a free personal chef?

  2. Brit Y says:

    I’m drooling! Yum! Can’t wait to make this! Another great week!

  3. Bex says:

    Oh my! Looks so delicious!

  4. Jenn Parsons says:

    YUM! I want some soup!!!

  5. yoonanimous says:

    i envy you your child that eats soup. i made a butternut squash soup for my toddler today, because it basically tastes like candy, and he seems to like candy. no luck.

    • penguinkaty says:

      I’m pretty lucky with her… except when I’m not. Like when she won’t eat anything at all! One extreme to the next. Butternut squash soup sounds like heaven. What’s little dude’s stance on sweet potatoes? Sweet potato soup is another universal hit over here.

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