Week 3 – The One Where I Exorcise the Dead Flowers

I’m pretty comfortable with the way my house is decorated and confident in my decorating skills. I’m not afraid of color or eclectic mixes. And I like my accumulated stuff, for the most part. Every now and again though, I notice things I’ve had for years that have just become fixtures in my home, traveling with me through moves and always finding their way into my decor, usually as an afterthought and space filler.

When we sit in the same room with the same things every single day they become normal and accepted, even if their original purpose was to just fill a blank space. But given enough time to sit and see these things in front of my face, however, I realize I don’t like them very much. Like “friends” you keep on your Facebook just for the sake of keeping them there. They add no value, some of them you can’t even remember how they got there in the first place, but if you take the time to carve them out and trim up, you’ll feel a lot better. Free advice. You’re welcome.

I experienced such a feeling of “why the hell is that still here?” while spending time away from work for Christmas and New Years. I don’t know if it was all the time spent enjoying myself in the kitchen, not having to rush for breakfast or dinner and able to look out into my living room and really take in what I saw, or if I was subconsciously looking for something to throw away in my annual Post Holiday Purge, but when I saw it, it needed to GTFO now plzkthx.

Exhibit D:

dead flowers

the D stands for dead

The vase is an interesting shape, and red, and vintage! The purple flowers, though still colorful, are quite dead. I pulled these out of the vase and there was a gnarly village of dust on top, and inside. Kbye.

So I figured for Week 3 I’d go for tangible, crafting I can keep…

pom poms by domestifluff

pom pom flowers by domestifluff

My first try came out less a pom pom flower and more a little yarn afro ball. I think that had to do more with the yarn – a very thin and very low-quality skein that was included in a “How to Knit” children’s kit I purchased for myself at age 20 – and less to do with my technique. At least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I’m sure my vigorous poofing and finger combing had nothing to do with it.

blue afro

OK fine, I overfluffed it a bit

My second attempt was a little lopsided in places, but it’s a flower right? It’s nature, and what in nature is perfect? Maybe this is a flower a cute little fluffy bunny snacked on before I picked it to put on my living room shelf.

chewed flower

it's a well known fact that bunnies prefer gold real-looking fake flowers for snacktime

I abandoned the blue afro ball to my “try to put this to good use” bin o’ random and went all gold, creating two more pom poms. I found that no matter how careful and even the wrapping and cutting, there was always a lot of trimming and balancing to be done for it to have the look I was going for.

three flower heads

ready for pom pom action

Now, what’s a real-looking fake flower without… stems. On any project, the gluing is always my least favorite part. I mean it is seriously the BANE of my crafting existence. I always end up covered in godforsaken glue strings or singed or sticky or otherwise altered after a few minutes of tussling with a muthafluffing adhesive. This was easier than expected honestly – I just plopped the hot glue down into the pom pom and stuck it on the stick. Acting as stems were some sticks leftover from our wedding centerpieces, and it was nice to finally give those dudes a unique purpose. I did have to fuss over a few glue strings, and only one of them elicited an eff bomb from me. Hot glue is hot.



and there was much rejoicing, for the dead flowers have gone

They really pick up the color of the lamps across the room, too. Yay for balance!

color flowers

see, color! be ye not afraid!

I even took domestifluff’s advice and saved the trimmings to use in another project. Or to keep as decor in my craft room. Why not?

ribbon fuzz

just a few of my craft room containers

Moral of the Tutorial: Freshen it up, and get rid of what’s weighing you down. Careful fluffing and cutting leads to non-afroed, non-chewed, real-looking fake flowers.

I have nothing more to say on the glue. I effing hate glue.

Something to replace those candles on the bottom shelf is next on the agenda. I like the candles, but I think I need something neutral in that spot. I’ll get to pinning and see what I dig up. Have an idea for what I can put there? Leave a link in the comments!

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5 Responses to Week 3 – The One Where I Exorcise the Dead Flowers

  1. Suz says:

    Another fun thing to do with yarn scraps is but them in some sort of open weave or mesh bag and hang outside for the birds to use as nesting material. You can see pieces of former projects all over the neighborhood in the spring.

  2. Holly says:

    I’m loving reading this!

  3. Brit Y says:

    I love the flowers! They look awesome with your lamps! Great work!!

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