Excuses are like…

I know I’m just a few weeks in with this whole blog thing (at least this incarnation of a blog), but have I ever pointed out that 52 tutorials in 52 weeks is ambitious for a busy-all-the-time working mommy with a theatre teacher husband?

Because it totally is.

Long story short, it’s Sunday at the end of week 4 (or the beginning of week 5, however you look at it) and my project for the week is not yet done.

What have I been doing (aside from working) that has taken me away from my Pinventures? Running, for one. The elliptical and I are fast friends again, and as my intake of DVR’d trash television increases, my waistline decreases. No one else knows this, but on any given day you could easily pants me without exerting much effort. Unless of course I’ve tapped into my stash of “skinny pants” I keep under the bed.

What else, you say? Volunteering. The no-kill animal shelter I’ve been an advocate for since 2009 had its first official face-to-face board member meeting on Monday night. Things are looking up for them, finally, and with the dedicated pieces of the board of directors puzzle coming into place, I have a feeling it’s going to be a good year.

And? Finally starting on expanding my collection of templates, invites, cards, and other digital craftiness that will eventually live in my yet-to-be-created Etsy shop. Also, creating logos and shop graphics for some hot mamas… something that I offered them months ago. Upon completion I’ll post them here.

I also have a wicked pieceofshit cold. I’m doing my best to kick its ass totally and completely, and will be doing my tutorial this week. I might even get crazy and do Week 5 this week too. Maybe.

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