Week 4 – The One Where Joan Crawford is Proven Right

The first time I saw Mommie Dearest I was too young to understand it. My first viewing of the flick was as a tween (before the term tween was a thing) and I was drawn to it because the commercials for the Saturday midday movie on our local UPN station made it appear to be a horror film. It kind of was, even for all its campiness, but the themes were lost on my junior high brain. What I did understand was that this crazy bitch with the cold cream on her face did NOT like wire hangers.

She wouldn’t like this week’s Pinventure very much, either.

Week 4 –

yarn-wrapped wire word from Family Chic by Camilla Fabbri

yarn-wrapped wire word from Family Chic by Camilla Fabbri - click through for the Pin and the link

Bendy! Yarn! Adorable! I can totally make this happen, right? The original tutorial calls for clothesline wire. Wire hangers are free and in ample supply at this house – the horror! – so I went with them instead.

Safety tip! When working with wire hangers I recommend wire cutters, lots of muscles, and goggles if you are terribly clumsy, because wire hurts when you poke yourself and it would most definitely take an eye out.

I cannot stress the muscles enough. Really. Wire coat hangers are seemingly indestructible. You may need to call in reinforcements to help you grip, bend, and snip the wire into submission.

In a cold medicine fog I neglected to take pictures of the in between steps, so all you get are words…

I ended up using a couple of hangers, since the twisty part is impossible to bend no matter what you do, and therefore unusable. I also spelled out the word “home” instead of “love”, which requires extra bends in the wire. I was afraid it would make the letters thicker in places, but the only place with noticeable thickness is in between the letters, where I had to reinforce and wrap extra to get them to stay together.

Something not included in the original tutorial that I found necessary was glue. Much to my chagrin, I had to break out the dreaded hot glue gun to make sure the yarn stayed wrapped at the ends.

Result –

home result

it's where the heart is

My yarn was thinner, so the whole thing appears thinner than Camilla’s result… but I’m ok with that. It’s dainty, subtle, and it’s a pop of color against a white wall. Lots of kudos to The Guy I Married for his help in bending the wire with me. I really underestimated the ease with which I could manipulate the hangers.

The Moral of the Tutorial – This mommy dearest thinks that wire hangers are OK for crafting… sometimes. If I ever do this one again, I’m saving myself some trouble and making a trip to the store for clothesline wire.

And so another week of tangible crafting done… but this guy’s not staying here. He’s shipping off this week to brighten up the new home of a friend of mine. She doesn’t know about it at all, so keep your yap shut, Internet.

Oh, PS! – I’ve decided to start linking up every week to the Pinterest 52 challenge that’s been ongoing since last year over on Dutch Being Me.

I started this 52 Weeks of Pinterest blog as a chronicle for myself, and I don’t ever expect this blog to attain levels of some of the best crafty blogs out there. And I might talk (write) a lot, but I’m not big on “HEY LOOK AT ME!” or searching for validation from other people, strangers or otherwise. I’m the kind of person that sends surprise gifts or cards and doesn’t want people to show them off. I do stuff because it feels good, a la this week’s Pinventure.

But I figured since I’m doing this whether anyone else is reading it or not, and since I was told “yes, you should share” by some of my gal pals, then I’m sharing. Maybe it will inspire others to try to put their pins to use!

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4 Responses to Week 4 – The One Where Joan Crawford is Proven Right

  1. Kell says:

    That looks great. Makes me want to try it for the girls names to go in their room. And I know your friend will love it!

  2. yoonanimous says:

    LOVE THIS!! it’s making me tired even thinking about attempting, but i love the color of yours, and the quirky cursive. inspired!

  3. Brit Y says:

    I can’t wait to try this! I have a few spots aroun here in mind.

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