Pinventure Bonus! The One With the Burned Fingertips

When I was pregnant in 2010, Pinterest wasn’t a thing yet. It would have been helpful for nursery planning, but I’ve since made up for lost time with my mommy & baby-related pinboards. So many cute clothes, toys, and ideas to hoard… it was probably best I didn’t have Pinterest to give me unrealistic goals and expectations. I was good enough at doing that by myself. For example, Squirrel will be 16 months old in two weeks and I’ve still not completed the mobile for her room. DIY ambition is the mother of baby nursery regret, or something.

Also, baby stuff is like wedding stuff. Tack “baby” in front of any product and that means an instant markup of at least 25%. Sofaking ridiculous. Frugality is in my DNA – so is crafting – and as I am not yet fabulously wealthy, buying very simple stuff at jacked-up prices is just not gonna happen when I know full well that I can make it myself.

Enter Pinterest.

ribbon hair clips by Jones Design Company

ribbon hair clips by Jones Design Company, click through for the Pin and the link

My sweet friend Holly introduced me to the easy art of bow making when we visited her and her family last spring, and natch, they make my kid look even more unbelievably adorable. Once Pinterest happened, I ran across the above tutorial and jumped on it. Between this and Holly’s tutelage, my daughter’s hair shall never go clipless.

squirrel clippies


This past Saturday my family got together to celebrate my niece’s first birthday, and I decided to make a hefty collection of clips for her. Though she is more into headbands at this point, her hair will need taming soon enough.

My disdain for adhesives has been documented, and I think its origin can be traced back to this project. As much as I hate hot glue, I always have it in my house. Not so with the fabric glue suggested by Jones Design Company. If you use hot glue like I did, you are going to burn yourself. Accept this fact.

Know how I know? Because the spaces needing glue are very small, and hot glue is not known for its finite accuracy. To avoid a finished clip with bumpy hot glue underneath, you will find your fingers dancing feverishly: pinching the clip, shooting the glue, precisely speed-placing the ribbon before the glue dries too much, and then the smoothing, a final step that almost always sends molten hot glue lava oozing out from under the ribbon and attaching to your fingers.

clippie steps

move fast move fast it's drying MOVE FASTER Fffffuuuuuuu

And if you’re crazy like me, you will subject yourself to further torture by gluing the ribbon together to completely hide the clip on the sides. Pinching those ribbons to seal them creates more molten hot glue lava, and you’ll wonder why in all your trips to Hobby Lobby and Michael’s and Jo-Ann’s that you never, ever remember to buy some motherfluffing fabric glue.


hot glue helps me exfoliate my fingertips

The one good thing about hot glue though? If you eff it up you can just peel it off of the metal and the ribbon and start over.

Result –

clippies success

pretty little clippies

Including cutting, gluing, eff bombs, and touching up, those 10 took me about 45 minutes. Grab yourself a scrap of cardstock paper cut into a rectangle, write a sweet note on it, clip your clips on, and you have a very personal, very functional gift.

Before you wrap it up, inspect your creations for dried glue oozes and those maddening glue strings, and touch up where necessary. You can usually pinch off the dried bits with your fingernails.

hot glue carnage

delight in the dried hot glue carnage

Important Note: your child’s saliva is a solvent for hot glue. If you notice she’s removed her clippy from her head and has inserted it into her mouth, take care it doesn’t remain there for long or you’ll have some repairing to do.

Moral of the Tutorial – Skip the baby boutiques: do it yourself. Even if I were bankin’ I’d probably still make them myself. But if hypothetically-wealthy me had once again forgotten to buy fabric glue, I’d pay somebody to hot glue the little shits for me in a heartbeat.

Week 6 of my 52 Weeks of Pinterest is also baby related, so have a gander at that, if making things for small people makes you happy. Have a favorite tutorial you think I should try? Link to it in the comments! I’m always looking for more ideas.

I’m linked up! (Hi Julie & Pinterest Challengers!)

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