Week 6 – The One Where I Fall In Love With Modge Podge

My jug of Modge Podge has been sitting unopened in my house for quite some time. It predates our dining-room-turned-home-office, even. It’s one of those things I bought because I saw it, and I knew I’d get around to using it… eventually. In hindsight I probably should have bought some fabric glue for clippies instead.

Anyway, I’ve heard Modge Podge can be great to work with. Yes, it’s technically of the hated adhesive family, but it’s much easier to control because you paint it on, and not only does it glue stuff, it seals it too! So, paint with glue? Easy enough right? Let’s go, Week 6.

modge podge letter

Modge Podge letter by Sarah Ortega, click through for the pin and the link

I was looking to make a gift for a coworker who had her beautiful baby girl a few weeks earlier than expected. This letter idea would fit the bill nicely. It’s a simple trend that happily has some staying power in the DIY world. I opted for the ready-to-decorate white wooden letters instead of the cardboard ones Sarah used. Of all of my craft store choices, Michael’s is the closest, and the big white ones were all they seemed to have.

Having procured my Big Letter E, and thanks to a little bit of Facebook stalking, I figured out that little E’s room was pink, green, and brown, so I went through my scrapbook paper scraps looking for appropriate prints to use. As I was digging I had an epiphany: I have a lot of long paper strips here, what if I just arranged them all over the whole letter? I mean it’s Modge Podge right? I can just paint onto the letter to glue it, and I can paint over it to seal it all together. Excellent idea, me.

strip plan

planning on my secondary workspace, the kitchen table

I’m a little bit anal when it comes to mixing patterns and colors. I like to have an even mix of the colors within the patterns – I can’t have two pink patterns next to each other, or two brown patterns, and I certainly can’t have the green stripes of the stripey paper placed next to a green pattern. To satisfy my need to control everything with relation to patten placement, and to make sure I had enough scraps to cover the entire surface of the letter, I laid it all out and took a picture so I would remember the order (and for the blog too, I guess).

strip plan 2

patchworked on to make the most out of my scraps

After that I debated just painting the strips directly onto the letter for about a millisecond, but I quickly opted to use glue stick to glue the strips down on a piece of printer paper. Glue stick still leaves me sticky, but it has some give if I eff it up. I traced the letter backwards and glued all the strips on the opposite side so I wouldn’t risk having any errant pencil marks on the front side.

pre modge

let's do this, adhesive

Instead of painting the letter like in the original tutorial, I used more scrap strips cut much thinner to patchwork around the edge of the letter. So I cut the E out and gathered my skinny strips and mentally prepared myself for the adhesive portion of the evening. I was fully prepared for it to fail. I thought certainly I’d use too much, too little, make it bubble or not glue it enough…

But I am convinced you can do no wrong with Modge Podge. No wrong.


dabbing on the side strips

It was easier than I imagined… literally painting with glue. I stroked and dabbed and came up with a really cute accent that I kind of don’t want to give up. My only piece of advice – use a sponge brush. Bristle brushes have no right mixing with Modge Podge. A yanked-out bristle on your Modge Podge project is like a hair in your ice cream. Nobody wants that.


how cute are you?!

The letter was done, but it needed a little something extra. I ran to my paper palooza pinboard and found a tutorial for scored medallions. Are you seeing this? Two pins in one project! Bonus time!

Positive: the medallions are super easy. Long strips, accordion folded, glued together on the ends with Glue Dots or Glue Lines (I went Lines because they were the perfect length and thickness). Negative: I needed to get the hot glue gun out to attach it to the E.


held together by one lonely puddle of hot glue

OK it wasn’t all that bad. One shot to hold it all together, one shot for the button, and one more shot on the back to stick it to the Big E.

Result –

letter result

it looks quite good right there...

Isn’t it cute? All of the patterns together like that remind me of a quilt. It would match Squirrel’s room too… but she’s not a little E. Better it goes to Tennessee.

Moral of the Tutorial – Go outside the lines and work with what you have – it might just end up more adorable than you imagined. Also, keep your crafting supply stocked with Modge Podge, and use that shizz.

Thanks for reading my latest Pinventure. For Week 7 I’m making something I can keep for myself! I’m also itching to bust out my sewing machine. Do you have a project that involves sewing that you’d like to see me attempt? Tell me about it! I’ll do it, I’m not scared.

OK maybe I’m a little scared. But that’s why I’m doing this – to challenge myself.

I’m linked up for the Pinterest Challenge – twice in one week. I am super overachieving.

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2 Responses to Week 6 – The One Where I Fall In Love With Modge Podge

  1. Kelly says:

    I would love to try this one. It looks great!

  2. Rebecca says:

    So cute!

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