Week 7 – The One Where I Tame The Ribbon

Before I get to the meat of the post, let me note… 1. that just because I don’t blog about a Pinventure doesn’t mean I don’t actually complete it at the appointed time, and 2. that my slacking off can be blamed entirely on the musical Grease, the Studio VII Theatre Company, and basically being a single parent for the past two weeks because of both of those monsters. To be fair, Grease was just the first week – since then it’s been another show and outside events. Anyone who thinks teachers have it easy because they get to go home early needs to talk to a fine arts teacher. Preferably a theatre teacher. Preferably a hyper-anal technical theatre teacher who worked professionally for years and is an insufferable perfectionist.

And now, speaking of craziness and chaos and general clustereffery, let me present my craft space.

craft desk

can you count the Pinterest projects?

See that striped box on the left? Half of that box was filled with ribbon, the other half was yarn. Well, actually it’s more 25-75 ribbon-yarn but I digress. It was a mess. And I’m going to show you how it became not a mess.

Week #7 –

ribbon drawer organization

ribbon drawer organization by Blue Cricket Design, click through for the Pin and the link

When we had our formal dining room converted into a home office with built in desks and shelves, I was elated. I would finally have someplace consistent to create, instead of all my nomad crafting in the guestroom, game room, living room… In the planning process the ribbon-in-a-drawer idea was something I hoped would be incorporated in my half of the room immediately. It wasn’t, and with all of my adhesives and scrapbooking tools and embellishments quickly filling the drawers, my series of nomadic bins and boxes of supplies remained contained, yet disorganized.

I was at the computer one night, probably blogging on Facebook, and I was so struck by the state of what was supposed to be an orderly haven of inspiration, that I had to take a picture and commit myself to getting at least a part of it organized as I had intended.

For the sake of time and to avoid power tools that I would inevitably misuse, my first thought was to recreate this guy:

ribbon basket

ribbon basket by Spunky Junky

Of course all the baskets I found at home had slits, not holes. And I didn’t have any dowel rods or other apparatuses long enough or thin enough to slide through the ribbon and the basket. Still doable! I can just stack everything by size, right? Let’s find out with this riveting photo progression…

first layer

first layer

second layer

second layer, tipping over as I snapped the pic



Right. I turned back to my organization board on Pinterest, finding a ribbon organizer made from a tie rack and another using old RW-CD packs. Seeing as I haven’t used CDs in years and I have no closet to hang a tie rack in (and my tie rack’s arms were way too wide for the ribbon to fit anyway) I was forced to do what I wanted to do all along… drill into stuff. With the help of my husband.

naked drawer

you can't really tell, but The Guy I Married rocks Corona lounge pants like a boss

Here we have a naked drawer, removed from the desk and ready for drilling. I decided against the cute liner in the original tutorial since this bad boy was just going back in the desk anyway, and the only person who would see it was me.

I used my tallest spool of ribbon as a guide, positioned it in the drawer, took a pencil, and traced out the hole for drilling.


tracing the holes

The Guy I Married graciously drilled the holes for me using a 1/4 inch drill bit, the same size as my dowel rods. He had to wiggle the drill a little bit to make the hole slightly bigger, so the rod would slide in and out easier when refilling ribbon.

finished drawer

that's what she said

I got to sorting, organizing my ribbon like the clothes in my closet are organized and the racks at Forever 21 are organized and everything in life should be organized… by color! First I sorted it by width of ribbon, then color within that… but still, color!!


drawer success

orderly, almost

There was enough room in the back of the drawer to stack a few spools of trim and tulle, too! I like this so much that when I get to sewing on a regular basis (like in 2015) I might do another one in another drawer with spools of thread. The only thing I haven’t found a solution for yet is getting the unfurled ends to be a little more tidy. Straight pins are too big for the teeny ribbons, and tape leaves icky residue. I can suck it up with nothing for now, but any suggestions as to how to keep the ends in place are certainly welcome!

One thing kept much more orderly and out of a box… only five or so more categories of things to go.

Moral of the Tutorial – Your first idea is usually your best idea. Don’t be afraid of power tools, or asking for help, even if your helper has hideous pants.

Thanks for reading! I’m catching up as I can…

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2 Responses to Week 7 – The One Where I Tame The Ribbon

  1. Holly says:

    This is a fabulous idea!

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