Week 8 – The One Where I Cut Up the Cast of Jersey (Shore)

Not really. I’m cutting up old theater shirts. Cast? Jersey? Hush, you loved it.

As aforementioned, t-shirt projects are a favorite of mine. Between my days of thrift store obsession and my husband’s many, many years of theatre shows and free t-shirts, we have more jersey in our house than Snooki has bronzer.

Although the warmer months are fast approaching down here in Houston, I am of the opinion that one can never have too many scarves, and that said scarves transcend chilly weather. Especially if they’re made of jersey and full of holes.

scarf pin

recycled tee scarf by Shwin and Shwin, click through for the Pin and the link

So we start with a shirt. I had a rainbow to choose from… well, mostly. There’s a lot of black too. When you’re married to a techie – those are the grunts that run around backstage that no one ever sees – you get used to black.

black tees

five of about five hundred black tees in my house

The shirt I decided to use is grey, and I love me some grey. It goes with black, it goes with white, it goes with just about everything. The Guy I Married got this particular shirt from one hellacious summer he spent at the Spoleto Festival in Charleston, SC. It was before we met, but I’m told it was seven weeks, precious little sleep, and immeasurable amounts of vodka. I’m varying from the tutorial a bit here because the graphics of these shirts will eventually be a part of a jersey patchwork blanket. Instead of cutting straight across from the  bottom, I snipped out the graphic first and cut down from the top.

grey shirt

should read "too drunk to even care about the t-shirt" apparently

Sidenote: in preparation of this Pinventure (and as a last minute accessory before a very rare outing to a very chill bar) I took some pre-cut jersey spaghetti necklaces and made this scarf. It didn’t see the neon-light of the night, however, since I wasn’t a fan of how chunky it was, or how short. So for my actual documented version, I went much thinner with the strips.

thin strips

thin strips, cut by the infamous FABRIC ONLY scissors

Schwin & Schwin used 16 loops in the scarf they made. I cut that many, but only ended up using nine. I wrapped them four times.

shirt loops

and after all that I still have some shirt leftover

Here’s my pre-night-out five-minute attempt with the spaghetti necklaces –

quickie pink scarf

too few loops = chunky cowl

And the grey result –

grey scarf

a svelt finished product

To be honest I’m still not as pleased with it as I expected to be. The looped sections feel too long. Maybe I should have wrapped them five times? Good thing I have seven unused loops plus more of the t-shirt that I didn’t use. I might try this one again.

The Moral of the Tutorial – I have enough chunky without having a chunky scarf too. When it comes to crafting this particular project, stringy and skinny is the way to go for me.

It’s important to note here that I had a silent partner in this endeavor… he was very good at observation and getting hair all over the box of shirts still to be chopped apart.

helpful Boba Fett

Boba Fett keeps the shirts from escaping, like a goodboykitty

Thanks for reading!

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