Week 9 – The One Where I De-Fuzz

Well now that I’m almost all caught up… my Pinventures are about to go on hiatus again, but at least this time I’m giving notice. Why a hiatus? Because tomorrow, I’m going to Argentina and Peru for 11 days. It’s going to be a nice combo of work and play. I’m going to tango, ride a horse, and go on a hike on a glacier and try not to bust my ass on the ice. And who wouldn’t want to celebrate St. Patties in an Irish pub in the middle of Buenos Aires? I sure as heck would! And I am.

Aside from the million questions about currency conversions (unnecessary), visas (very necessary in Brazil), and how The Guy I Married is going to manage work, side jobs, rehearsals, and remember that he has a daughter to care for too (that one is easily answered – my parents are going to pick up the slack) it occurred to me that since it’s summer in the southern hemisphere right now, maintenance was in order for my own southern hemisphere, namely my legs.

diy sugaring

DIY Sugaring by TipNut, click through for the Pin and the link

Fair readers, I am going to spare you the sight of my very white, very werewolfian legs. Suffice it to say it’s been upwards of five months since they’ve seen a sharp edge. I know, I know, how can I live like that, blah blah blah. 1. It’s been winter. 2. I wear jeans to work 90% of the time. And 3. brightly-colored opaque tights cover everything.

I added a candy thermometer to my shopping list of travel needs and, upon arriving home from my day of errands and purchasing a much-needed tango-worthy dress, I got to work on the concoction using lemons from my parents’ backyard tree. Two cups of sugar, 1/4 cup lemon juice, 1/4 cup water: boil, stir, cool.


Kroger sugar, Zylicz lemons, empty spaghetti sauce jar

For the strips, I used leftover muslin that I procured for a different project from the Studio VII Theatre Company box o’ random scraps (see, I get more than epic amounts of t-shirts from this guy).

And here we go…

ready to yank!

and deep breath..... YANK

I really was expecting it to hurt, but it didn’t at all. It was, however, very messy. Imagine the consistency of honey, and that’s what this was. Except it tasted like Lemonheads. Remember the unfortunately-named hair removal gel in all those infomercials that the creator ate on camera? That stuff was green and I bet it didn’t taste like Lemonheads.

Know how I said I wouldn’t show you my legs? I lied.

hair comparison

much success!

Don’t worry, I’m shaving the other side, and I’ll see how long it lasts in comparison. This was a great tutorial and I was really surprised at how well it worked, but because of how messy it was and how long it took, I don’t know how many more times I’ll use it. Still, it was fun to try!

Sorry this is so short… but I leave at 2:00 p.m. tomorrow and I still haven’t started packing. I’ll see you all in two weeks!

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