Week 10 – The One Where I Get It Twisted

While in South America last month, I have to be honest that I hadn’t planned on continuing my Pinventures. I planned on just mad-dashing through two a week until I was caught up on the blog and could resume my once weekly retreat into the craft room. This plan of course hasn’t exactly worked. I’m nothing if not awesome at watching the best laid plans completely change.

My second night abroad, I got bored. I was in my hotel by myself, all packed up for my obnoxiously-early 3:30 a.m. transfer to catch a flight to El Calafate (in hindsight arguably the most beautiful and serene place I have EVER been). Boredom plus inability to sleep plus deliriousness meant I hopped on the free WiFi and cruised for an easy Pinventure to accomplish.

Being in a hotel and in another country, this Pinventure needed to be something that required no tools or supplies at all. That narrowed me down to pretty much… hair. Make some hair that will travel well, on it!

I tried to go for this cascading braid from LoveMaegan and after failing to let the hair stay out for the “cascading” part, I just braided it all and it ended up being a sloppy sideways French braid done at 2am:

hot mess

which is exactly what I was going for, clearly

Out of sheer laziness (or deliriousness) I left it in for my flight, but the next day for my glacier hike I went much simpler. Something to keep the hair out of my face, easy to put up and take down, and versatile. And here we have it:

front-side twist from The Small Things Blog – click through for the Pin & link

And the only picture I managed to get of my result, in front of the Perito Moreno glacier:


the glacier was the focus of course, not my hair

Instead of doing just one side back, I did both, and stuck the rest of my hair in a twist at the nape of my neck. This ended up being my go-to hair for the remainder of the trip. Before a day of trekking I could put it up this way to keep my bangs out of my face, and after a day of touring I could wet it a bit and put it back like this when I didn’t have time for a full-on freshen up before dinner.

Of course I’ve worn it this way a few times since I got home – and took some (sort of) better pics for the blog. AND I figured out that when you take it down and actually pay attention to it instead of collapsing into bed or immediately jumping in the shower, you get some cool volume and wave. Might need to do some twists all over my head.


note the progression of natural light in my bathroom…

The side hair twist has been officially entered into the rotation, moving up in the rankings just above the half-back bobby-pin bump and soaring past the all-back-in-a-clip-bun.

I even wore it during our annual family Easter egg hunt.

egg hair

my daughter is nowhere to be found… she was way too cool for the egg hunt thing

Thank you Pinterest for once again helping me look less a mess.

Moral of the Tutorial – Front side hair twists will save you a lot of time and energy when traveling… and every day. Use them liberally.

And now’s the part of the post where I’ll dispense with blaming my husband’s occupation and the time he’s spent away from home for my major shift in priorities and lack of catching up. This is a common theme and I’m more tired of it than any reader will ever be, believe me… but I’m doing my best to get caught up blog-wise. Thanks for reading!

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