Week 13 – The One With Ghetto-fab Gardening

Since spring has sprung down in H-town – and summer isn’t far off – Squirrel and I have been making it a more regular habit to get out in the backyard every day to enjoy our little messy slice of nature. Just say the word and she’ll do a little “outside” dance at the back door, something that I’m told resembles a potty dance. Upon opening she bolts out with the cats in tow, ready to and help water all the patio plants… or grab fistfuls of dirt to transfer from pot to pot.

it’s a dirty job but someone’s gotta do it

While her help is appreciated, sometimes we aren’t as diligent as we should be about watering every day. I’ve seen those decorative drip irrigation deals you can stick into the dirt and fill with water occasionally to keep plants constantly watered… but I’m cheap.

recycled water bottle drip irrigation, click through for the Pin and the link

Simple enough: poke holes in a water bottle, fill it with water, and bury it in your favorite neglected houseplant. Since recycling is a major cornerstone of our daily household operations, I had to ask The Guy I Married to find an appropriately-sized plastic bottle up at school for this project. The amount of plastic water bottles that theatre company goes through makes me cringe.


The tutorial calls for hammer and nail, but I made due with a super-sharp screw. Newer “less plastic” water bottles are so thin it didn’t take much pressure at all. The tutorial also instructed me to fill the newly-holey bottle with water and then bury it… I thought it better to bury it first. I chose my giant seven-year-old plumeria to be the recipient of this new garden accessory. It’s tropical and it likes being good and wet, so a steady water supply should suit it nicely.

yikes, I think it’s time for a new pot at the end of this season

Squirrel’s watering can Horatio the Hippo (thank you Target dollar bin) was all too happy to help me complete this quick project. As I was filling I noticed the water level wasn’t staying up, so after some repositioning and packing the dirt tighter around the bottle, I got it to stay full.

I suppose if you had the urge to add something with a little more pizzazz to your garden, you could paint the bottle first with some non-toxic paint, but I wouldn’t paint the whole thing – you have to be able to see when the water level has dropped below the soil line to refill the bottle.

get to growing, kid!

Now I just have to wait for the pretty pink and white flowers to bloom. By June the whole thing will be popping out pretty little flowers, giving Squirrel plenty of opportunity to pet the leaves and squeal “ow-urr!” Hopefully by then she’ll have perfected her “gentle” plant petting.

Moral of the Tutorial – Even if you have a regular helper, a sure-thing watering apparatus will make your plants happy.

I’m so looking forward to the next month as my backyard starts to explode with color, and hopefully tomatoes. On to the next – thanks for reading!

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  1. giotlethuytinh says:

    So cute!:)

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