Week 9 – The One Where I De-Fuzz

Well now that I’m almost all caught up… my Pinventures are about to go on hiatus again, but at least this time I’m giving notice. Why a hiatus? Because tomorrow, I’m going to Argentina and Peru for 11 days. It’s going to be a nice combo of work and play. I’m going to tango, ride a horse, and go on a hike on a glacier and try not to bust my ass on the ice. And who wouldn’t want to celebrate St. Patties in an Irish pub in the middle of Buenos Aires? I sure as heck would! And I am.

Aside from the million questions about currency conversions (unnecessary), visas (very necessary in Brazil), and how The Guy I Married is going to manage work, side jobs, rehearsals, and remember that he has a daughter to care for too (that one is easily answered – my parents are going to pick up the slack) it occurred to me that since it’s summer in the southern hemisphere right now, maintenance was in order for my own southern hemisphere, namely my legs.

diy sugaring

DIY Sugaring by TipNut, click through for the Pin and the link

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Week 8 – The One Where I Cut Up the Cast of Jersey (Shore)

Not really. I’m cutting up old theater shirts. Cast? Jersey? Hush, you loved it.

As aforementioned, t-shirt projects are a favorite of mine. Between my days of thrift store obsession and my husband’s many, many years of theatre shows and free t-shirts, we have more jersey in our house than Snooki has bronzer.

Although the warmer months are fast approaching down here in Houston, I am of the opinion that one can never have too many scarves, and that said scarves transcend chilly weather. Especially if they’re made of jersey and full of holes.

scarf pin

recycled tee scarf by Shwin and Shwin, click through for the Pin and the link

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Week 7 – The One Where I Tame The Ribbon

Before I get to the meat of the post, let me note… 1. that just because I don’t blog about a Pinventure doesn’t mean I don’t actually complete it at the appointed time, and 2. that my slacking off can be blamed entirely on the musical Grease, the Studio VII Theatre Company, and basically being a single parent for the past two weeks because of both of those monsters. To be fair, Grease was just the first week – since then it’s been another show and outside events. Anyone who thinks teachers have it easy because they get to go home early needs to talk to a fine arts teacher. Preferably a theatre teacher. Preferably a hyper-anal technical theatre teacher who worked professionally for years and is an insufferable perfectionist.

And now, speaking of craziness and chaos and general clustereffery, let me present my craft space.

craft desk

can you count the Pinterest projects?

See that striped box on the left? Half of that box was filled with ribbon, the other half was yarn. Well, actually it’s more 25-75 ribbon-yarn but I digress. It was a mess. And I’m going to show you how it became not a mess.

Week #7 –

ribbon drawer organization

ribbon drawer organization by Blue Cricket Design, click through for the Pin and the link

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Week 6.5 – The (very short) One Where I Realize It’s Called MOD Podge

I feel like an idiot, because hello, it’s on the damn label.

But I’m not changing it.

Modge Podge sounds cuter.

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Week 6 – The One Where I Fall In Love With Modge Podge

My jug of Modge Podge has been sitting unopened in my house for quite some time. It predates our dining-room-turned-home-office, even. It’s one of those things I bought because I saw it, and I knew I’d get around to using it… eventually. In hindsight I probably should have bought some fabric glue for clippies instead.

Anyway, I’ve heard Modge Podge can be great to work with. Yes, it’s technically of the hated adhesive family, but it’s much easier to control because you paint it on, and not only does it glue stuff, it seals it too! So, paint with glue? Easy enough right? Let’s go, Week 6.

modge podge letter

Modge Podge letter by Sarah Ortega, click through for the pin and the link

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Pinventure Bonus! The One With the Burned Fingertips

When I was pregnant in 2010, Pinterest wasn’t a thing yet. It would have been helpful for nursery planning, but I’ve since made up for lost time with my mommy & baby-related pinboards. So many cute clothes, toys, and ideas to hoard… it was probably best I didn’t have Pinterest to give me unrealistic goals and expectations. I was good enough at doing that by myself. For example, Squirrel will be 16 months old in two weeks and I’ve still not completed the mobile for her room. DIY ambition is the mother of baby nursery regret, or something.

Also, baby stuff is like wedding stuff. Tack “baby” in front of any product and that means an instant markup of at least 25%. Sofaking ridiculous. Frugality is in my DNA – so is crafting – and as I am not yet fabulously wealthy, buying very simple stuff at jacked-up prices is just not gonna happen when I know full well that I can make it myself.

Enter Pinterest.

ribbon hair clips by Jones Design Company

ribbon hair clips by Jones Design Company, click through for the Pin and the link

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Week 5 – The One With The Fanciest Apple Corer Ever

Like with everything on Pinterest, the picture has to be good to draw you in. There’s no telling what’s one the other side of the click sometimes. Quite often I find a broken link, which is frustrating, or a pin pinned from another pin, which sends me into a click-click-clicking Ring around the Cluster-eff of pin after link-less pin, which is of course equally as frustrating. Sometimes on very special days I’ll find my senses assaulted by color and an animated banner ad explosion on someone else’s blog. But sometimes, I find a nice surprise.

Week 5 –

apple rings

apple rings in pancake batter by Carla on "The Chew" - click through for the Pin and the link

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Week 4 – The One Where Joan Crawford is Proven Right

The first time I saw Mommie Dearest I was too young to understand it. My first viewing of the flick was as a tween (before the term tween was a thing) and I was drawn to it because the commercials for the Saturday midday movie on our local UPN station made it appear to be a horror film. It kind of was, even for all its campiness, but the themes were lost on my junior high brain. What I did understand was that this crazy bitch with the cold cream on her face did NOT like wire hangers.

She wouldn’t like this week’s Pinventure very much, either.

Week 4 –

yarn-wrapped wire word from Family Chic by Camilla Fabbri

yarn-wrapped wire word from Family Chic by Camilla Fabbri - click through for the Pin and the link

Bendy! Yarn! Adorable! I can totally make this happen, right? The original tutorial calls for clothesline wire. Wire hangers are free and in ample supply at this house – the horror! – so I went with them instead.

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Excuses are like…

I know I’m just a few weeks in with this whole blog thing (at least this incarnation of a blog), but have I ever pointed out that 52 tutorials in 52 weeks is ambitious for a busy-all-the-time working mommy with a theatre teacher husband?

Because it totally is.

Long story short, it’s Sunday at the end of week 4 (or the beginning of week 5, however you look at it) and my project for the week is not yet done.

What have I been doing (aside from working) that has taken me away from my Pinventures? Running, for one. The elliptical and I are fast friends again, and as my intake of DVR’d trash television increases, my waistline decreases. No one else knows this, but on any given day you could easily pants me without exerting much effort. Unless of course I’ve tapped into my stash of “skinny pants” I keep under the bed.

What else, you say? Volunteering. The no-kill animal shelter I’ve been an advocate for since 2009 had its first official face-to-face board member meeting on Monday night. Things are looking up for them, finally, and with the dedicated pieces of the board of directors puzzle coming into place, I have a feeling it’s going to be a good year.

And? Finally starting on expanding my collection of templates, invites, cards, and other digital craftiness that will eventually live in my yet-to-be-created Etsy shop. Also, creating logos and shop graphics for some hot mamas… something that I offered them months ago. Upon completion I’ll post them here.

I also have a wicked pieceofshit cold. I’m doing my best to kick its ass totally and completely, and will be doing my tutorial this week. I might even get crazy and do Week 5 this week too. Maybe.

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Week 3 – The One Where I Exorcise the Dead Flowers

I’m pretty comfortable with the way my house is decorated and confident in my decorating skills. I’m not afraid of color or eclectic mixes. And I like my accumulated stuff, for the most part. Every now and again though, I notice things I’ve had for years that have just become fixtures in my home, traveling with me through moves and always finding their way into my decor, usually as an afterthought and space filler.

When we sit in the same room with the same things every single day they become normal and accepted, even if their original purpose was to just fill a blank space. But given enough time to sit and see these things in front of my face, however, I realize I don’t like them very much. Like “friends” you keep on your Facebook just for the sake of keeping them there. They add no value, some of them you can’t even remember how they got there in the first place, but if you take the time to carve them out and trim up, you’ll feel a lot better. Free advice. You’re welcome.

I experienced such a feeling of “why the hell is that still here?” while spending time away from work for Christmas and New Years. I don’t know if it was all the time spent enjoying myself in the kitchen, not having to rush for breakfast or dinner and able to look out into my living room and really take in what I saw, or if I was subconsciously looking for something to throw away in my annual Post Holiday Purge, but when I saw it, it needed to GTFO now plzkthx.

Exhibit D:

dead flowers

the D stands for dead

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