I Will Not Rupaulogize For My Fandom

Monday night signaled the much-anticipated season end of my numero uno guilty television pleasure – RuPaul’s Drag Race. The evening was your basic format for a reality series reunion show, albeit with a little more pizazz and flash because duh, drag queens! The altogether ooky Sharon Needles sashayed away with the title of America’s Next Drag Superstar. Her final walk was elegant, and her attitude about the whole thing was really a breath of fresh air. She did a little vamping, but I saw the realness through that pale foundation – she was genuinely shocked and gracious and serving a whole lot of humble pie as she quietly addressed her public. And that’s why everyone loves her.

Aside from Sharon taking home the top prize, the unstoppable chunky-yet-funky Latrice MFing Royale got herself a Miss Congeniality sash, honey. Of course she did. She always had positive and uplifting things to say. And who could forget that laugh? I might have to make it a ringtone or something.

So here I am, two days post-finale, and I’ve taken my love for Sharon and Latrice, plus some memorable quotes from the evening, and channeled it into some printable goodies.

Sharon’s poster features her best quote of the reunion show, a phrase I believe transcends Halloween just like she does. The variety of color schemes were inspired by some of her looks in the competition. Can you guess which ones? (if you can’t, just mouse over the image)

the Rupocalypse!  Float Your Boat (the snake!)  Frock the Vote

The Latrice poster features my favorite mantra of hers, plus her sassy silhouette. I went a little wild with some neon, made a very summery blue version, and picked some colors to match some of my home decor.

neon  blue  tan

Each one is a jpeg file and will print mega huge (16×24) or smaller – my Latrice lives on my kitchen shelf in an 8×10 frame, and she’s quite happy there. She matches my toaster.

Latrice framed

yeah, I’m going to love walking by that message every morning

(fyi – the download preview at the links below shows some extremely whacky colors – the colors above are what you’ll get, promise!)

Download Sharon’s in Rupocalypse, green, or violet.
Download Latrice’s in neon, blue, or tan.
Click the arrow at the bottom right corner to download.

Please feel free to share, just link back here and give me credit. Pins are welcome too!
And don’t steal these and say you did them, because you’d be lying, and that’s bad karma.

I’ve got a few more of these up my sleeve, and I’ll post them when they’re finished.

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4 Responses to I Will Not Rupaulogize For My Fandom

  1. Ms. Blerger says:

    You’re so crafty! I really like these.

  2. Bette Davis says:

    Oh I ADORE these! I will be using them for daily inspiration. I wonder, could you make a Ru one that says ‘Good Luck, and Don’t fuck it up!’ LOL that’s something I need to see before I leave the house as well to be honest!
    Keep up the good work!!

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